Our latest machine , Elite 2020, is coinless and takes credit cards and various mobile payment and non-contact options. Customers with cash pay inside in which the attendant will remotely start the air machine. Our Loyalty program includes signage to help guide new customers.

The technology in our machine allows us to track machine’s revenue in real time. Also, instant malfunction alerts to minimize downtime and maximize profits.

Customer wants to pay cash? Use our remote from the inside the store after the customer pays. How it works: Customer sees sign offering cash payment inside, they pay inside, clerk presses button on remote, customer walks to machine, customer then presses button and machine kicks on.

Need a Vac? Our Elite 2020 machine has the ability to be paired with a vacuum.


Build brand loyalty and increase inside sales with our free air program. TTI will still monitor and maintain the machine 24/7. TTI will provide marketing materials including yard signs, counter signs and even stickers for the window of the store to promote your Free Air program.